Pam Thuan, the author of this site, has been a private practitioner since 2012 and has worked in mainstream and special education settings since 2000.  For information on her private practice, NDIS treatment/assessment, school consultation and contact details, click on the following link.  Contact and consultation.

Proficient language skills provide the essential building blocks for academic and social achievement. This website provides free resources to teach language and phonemic awareness skills in the classroom. All resources have been successfully trialed in whole class programs in primary schools using a Response To Intervention (RTI) model. The program is implemented through collaborative planning based on data of student outcomes and in-class coaching provided by speech pathologists to teachers. The resources are now being used in several schools across Victoria.

This website and all resources contained in this website were developed by speech pathologist Pam Thuan. Your feedback is welcome. To enquire about consultancy, make comments, ask questions or request further resources please feel free to ring or email Pam. Contact

A COP (community of practice) in the Speech Pathology Australia learning hub will begin on the 2nd of September run by Pam. It’s aim is to support speech pathologists implementing or planning to implement the RTI model in mainstream schools.  If you are a speech pathologist or speech pathology student and wish to participate or know more here is the link:

COP link

Links to presentations, webinars and video examples

A free podcast with Speech Pathology Australia released Oct 2020 on Response to Intervention

PODCAST response to intervention

A live webinar on linking Response To Intervention to the National Curriculum was recorded on March 19th. Pam Thuan was one of the 2 speakers. The webinar is available through SPA on the following link:

Response to Intervention linked with the National Curriculum

Link to webinar outlining an example of our language program on Speech Pathology Australia website:

Speech Pathologists In Primary Schools presentation

Link to Speech Pathology Australia speech pathology in school website:

Speech Pathology in Schools SPA resource package