Bingo boards and directions

Bingo boards 1st

bingo boards 2

Bingo direction examples

Two class sets of bingo boards can be printed out.  You can highlight and print the number you need for your class (up to 24).  Each set has the same pictures, but in a different order on each board.  If your class is larger than 24 you will need to print out 2 copies of some of the boards, which will mean some children may get bingo at the same time.

Bingo can be used to teach directional language concepts, and for following mulitiple directions.  Some sheets of directions have been provided to use with the bingo boards.  Choose a sheet that is appropriate for the language level of the children you are working with.  Most classes have varied abilities.  You can break the class into groups and have a leader read or create the instructions at the required level for that group.


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