Narrative/sequencing/problem solving

The following resources can be used to develop students’ ability to give retells and create oral narratives.

narrative plan – an example of a whole class language session plan

Narrative format for making video stories

narrative story maker

The above narrative story maker works well with children aged 3-6.  The first page gives an example of the finished product.  The second page is a blank template to be given to each child.  They then pick a picture from each of the five categories (when, who, where, what, feelings) and put it in the correct spot on their template.  This will create a story-like sentence.  Its lots of fun!

narrative worksheets

These narrative worksheets provide picture prompts at differing levels to assist children in developing narrative production skills.

Openers class activity

The above openers demonstrate the difference between a non-descriptive and a descriptive opener.  They can be used as a stimulus for beginning a narrative.

storyboard with pic prompts

Scenarios for problems and solutions