Phonics charts and spelling words


Using sound charts

Spelling words for charts and spelling scope and sequence

vowel chart spelling words

Spelling words for Jolly Phonics (foundation)

grade one spelling rules word list

grade 2 spelling rules word list

grade 3 spelling rules word list



consonant chart

vowel word chart

Letterland Vowel Chart

vowel sound chart with pics colour coded

work sheet vowel sound chart

Updated Vowel chart in parts with worksheets


vowel sound test


wordfinder activity for spelling words

The two sound charts (consonant and vowel) have been created based on the Lindamood-Bell program and encourage students to include kinesthetic information when learning sounds.  The spelling lists are made to accompany the vowel chart and cover different spellings for each vowel sound on the chart.

The test is used to assess which vowels students have/have not developed.  Each student is given an answer sheet.  The nonsense word is read by the teacher and the student circles each sound they hear in the word.